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Many years ago, I offered design, audio and video production services through a company called LivingLounge. I also used to host a monthly event at the Apache Cafe, showcasing the work of local Atlanta directors, producers and actors. During that time, you subscribed to the LivingLounge mailing list. Just now, you clicked a link sent to that list to get here.

In 2008, I decided to focus on design and rebranded my business as SimplyInteract. Digital product design (specifically user experience) remains my core focus and this (our newly redesigned) website articulates well SimplyInteract's current service offerings.

With LivingLounge officially retired and SimplyInteract entering our next phase of growth as a consultancy, I would like to invite you to join our new mailing list. Through it, we will send you a brief, weekly email sharing our unique insights into digital product design.

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Kris Krava
Experience Director
SimplyInteract LLC

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