Ask For Help

Putting yourself out there, making yourself vulnerable... there's no two ways about it, it can be scary. "What will they say? What if it's awful? What if I fail?"

I think it's in our base human nature to be protective of what's important to us. Exposing ourselves to the judgement of others, particularly to those who are more experienced, can be an anxiety-inducing proposition. It can stop us, dead in our tracks - a deadly mistake, when progress is required. So anxious indeed, some of us rather jump head-first into the unknown before asking for a bit of help. I'd like to encourage you to be a bit more brave than that.


With the redesign of SimplyInteract nearly complete, we needed some help. I fired off an email to a handful of our peers, our clients and (of course) my Dad. I needed their feedback on everything - fonts, colors, copy, photos ...the whole experience. "What do you think?"

"The logo looks like an error."
"Too much white space. Too sparse."
"Throw on some color treatment to rough it up."
"Font treatment doesn't read great in some instances."
"Update your photo. This is not you any longer."

These folks don't beat around the bush. And thank goodness! Their candid feedback (which also included some positive notes, btw) was exactly what I was hoping to hear. As well as I feel know my audience, the deeper I dive into a concept, the harder it is to back up and truly appreciate their perspective. What better way to hear an opinion than to be brave enough to ask for it?

Likewise, SimplyInteract is ready to help you. We are excited to learn about your business, your products, your customers and the challenges you're facing. Ask us about how heuristic evaluations and user testing can expose immediate opportunities for improvement in your business, today!

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