First blog post, an introduction

We are SimplyInteract - an Atlanta-based, digital product design consultancy focused on delivering high-quality user experience, visual design and development services to businesses of any size, in any industry. We create and refine (mobile, tablet, touchscreen and desktop) applications and responsive (mobile-friendly) websites. Anything you can dream of a user interacting with, we've likely created or worked on something similar. And, if you happen to have an original concept, we can make your dream a reality.

Each member of our team is an agency-trained professional who has struck out on our own to build our own business. Since early 2013, we have committed ourselves to collaborating and servicing our clients in a manner that is all-too-rare in the agency world - with a personal touch. This distinction is the reason we are avoiding the "agency" label. Indeed, we prefer "consultancy" because we truly integrate ourselves into our client businesses. Big or small, our clients' business is our business. Their users are our users. Their products are our products. Their success is our success. Their failures, too.

Perhaps you worked with one of us while we were at one of those international agencies. Maybe your business needs the highest level of expertise available, but not those insanely expensive agency invoices. On the other hand, you could just need an expert opinion, every once in a while. We are happy to help.

We love talking about businesses, users, products, challenges and ideas. Give us a call and start a new conversation. We're happy to help in anyway we can!

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