About Your App Idea

It's been my experience that just about everyone that owns a smartphone also has an idea for a mobile app. The less tech-savvy and more drunk the person, the more insistent they are that they're sharing true wisdom. It's an amusing conversation, at least when drinking. It can get scarier as the person sobers up.

"Oh, you're serious about the churchkey app that literally opens beer bottles."


The harshest reality, for most budding app innovators, is the price tag. The fact that we download most apps for free, truly distorts our perception of their value. Or, maybe you heard about a guy who built his own app and sold it for millions. In reality, the cost of building an application is very similar to the cost of building a custom house. If you're not going to hammer every nail yourself, be ready to spend some serious money.

Of course, there are ways in which you can craft a small app on the cheap - building from a template, reusing free content and overseas labor. You could come away with an app in the store, having spent less than $5000 total and be happy with (at least) having your app installed on your phone - even if no one else ever downloads it. Actually, this is a fine way to create a prototype to shop to investors. If you have the time and money, I say go for it! Do it a few times and you'll get the cost down much lower.

Instead, let's imagine you want your app to compete with the biggest and best. Because you know more than 500 apps are released everyday, you want to be featured in the App Store. You have a truly unique concept that needs to be built from the ground up. You want it available on all devices, with a replicated desktop browser experience. This, my friend, is a very serious undertaking.

Consider this... The most expensive player on your team will likely be the developer. There are senior-level iOS developers who can and do demand more than $200 per hour. Simply put, their skills are in high demand. Let's conservatively estimate 160 hours of dev time for your small application ...that's $32,000 just for one person on your team. You still need project management, UX, creative, content, developers for the other platforms, a database admin, user testing, marketing and more. Now, a 1 hour team meeting can cost you over $1000 - not including coffee, a table and chairs.

It's easy to see how businesses can burn through hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few short months of building (just) the first version of their application. Again, these numbers are only relevant if you want to compete at the top of the marketplace. There is a middle ground, but perhaps you just wanna spitball wild ideas over a few cocktails.

Either way, SimplyInteract is happy to join you.

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